Theme's Park Updates

David Cross Section
Clearlight "Forever Blowing Bubbles"
Echolyn Section
Echolyn "When the Sweet Turns Sour"
Ginger Baker Section
Ginger Baker Trio "Going Back Home"
King's X / Ty Tabor Section
Ty Tabor "Safety"
Mike Rutherford Section
Genesis "Tresspass"
Sam Brown Section
Sam Brown "43 Minutes"
The Flower Kings Related
Jimmy Agren Section
Jimmy Agren "Get This into Your Head"
Par Lindh Section
Bjorn Johansson "Discus Ursi"
Spock's Beard Section
Neal Morse "One"
Salute Section
Queen "News of the World"
Leon Russell and the Shelter People
Sunday All Over the World "Kneeling at the Shrine"
Alfredo Triff "21 Broken Meloddies at Once"
David Cross Section
Radius "Elevation"
King Crimson "Larks' Tongues in Aspic"
Echolyn Section
Echolyn "As the World"
Francis Dunnery Section
It Bites "The Big Lad in the Windmill"
Ginger Baker Section
Ginger Baker "Horses and Trees"
King's X Galactic Cowboys Section新設
Galactic Cowboys ""Galactic Cowboys"
No-Man Section
Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles "World of Brigth Futures"
Primus Section
Primus "Pork Soda"
Reeves Gabrels Section
Tin Machine "Tin Machine"
Mike Rutherford Section
Genesis "From Genesis to Revelation" Sad Cafe "Politics of Existing + Whatever It Takes"
Salute Section
Mark-Almond "Mark-Almond
Nbagi "Ecdysis"
Opus Avantra "Introspezione"
Pink Floyd "Wish You were Here"
Sam Brown Section
Sam Brown "April Moon"
Snowy White Section
Snowy White and the White Flames "Restless"
Philip Lynott "Solo in Soho"
Squonk Opera Section
Squonk Opera "You are Here"
The Flower Kings Related Section
Jonas Hellborg Section
Jonas Hellborg "Kali's Son"
Art Metal "Vyakhyan-Kar"
Jakko M. Jakszyk Section新設
Jakko M. Jakszyk "The Bruised Romantic Clee Club"
Dizrhythmia "Dizrhythmia"
Simon Steensland Section
Simon Steensland "Led Circus"
The Flower Kings Section
The Flower Kings "The Sum of No Evil"
The Flower Kings Related Works
Ritual "The Hemulic Voluntary Band"
Kaipa "Angling Feelings"
Cipher "Elemental Forces"
Francis Dunnery Section
Francis Dunnery "The Gulley Flats Boys"
Ginger Baker Section
Cream "Fresh Cream"、"Disraeli Gears"、"Wheels of Fire"、"Goodbye"
Blind Faith "Blind Faith"
Jack Bruce Section
"Original Soundtrack to the Slab Boys"
King's X / Ty Tabor Section
The Jelly Jam "The Jelly Jam 2"
King's X / Jerry Gaskill Section
Jerry Gaskill "Come Somewhere"
no-man Section
no-man "Together We're Stronger"
Darkroom "Daylight"
Rhinoceros "Tiny Ghosts"
Primus Section
"Sailing the Seas of Cheese"
Reeves Gabrels Section
Too Happy "Too Happy"
Protecto "Sonicnauts"
Sam Brow Section
Fish "Yin"
Jon Lord "Picutred Within"
Snowy White Section
Peter Green "In the Skies"
Squonk Opera Section
Squonk Opera "Rodeo Smackdown"
The Flower Kings / Jonas Hellborg Section
Shining Path "No Other World"
The Flower Kings / Magnus Karlsson Section
Last Tribe "The Uncrowned"
Allen - Lande "The Revenge"
The Flower Kings / Spellbound Section
JJ Marsh "Music from Planet Marsh"
The Flower Kings Hardo Section
Good Times Bad Times "Good Times Bad Times"
The Flower Kings Softo Section
Agamon "Open Up Your Eyes and See the World Go Round & Round"
The Flower Kings Sympho Setion
The D Project "Shimmering Lights"
Salute Section
Jethro Tull "This Was"
King Crimson "In the Court of Crimson King"
Led Zeppelin "IV"
David Cross Section
David Cross "Memos from Purgatory"
Dan Maurer Jim Juhn David Cross Keith Tippett "Low Flying Aircraft"
Echolyn Section
Echolyn "Suffocating the Bloom"
Francis Dunnery Section
Robert Plant "Fate of Nations"
Ginger Baker Section
Ginger Baker "Middle Passage"
Ginger Baker with Jens Johansson and Jonas Hellborg "Unseen Rain" has moved from Jonas Hellborg Section
Jack Bruce Section
Various Artists "Guitar's Practicing Musicians Volume III"
Bill Ward "Ward One : Along the Way"
King's X Section
"Ogre Tones"
Doug Pinnick Section
Dream Theater "Falling into Infinity"
no-man Section
Primus Section
"Frizzle Fry"
Reeves Gabrels Section
Mike Rutherford Section
"Mike & the Mechanics"
Sam Brown Section
Snowy White Section
Michael Moorcock & the Deep Fix "The New World's Fair"
Squonk Opera Section
The Flower Kings Section
"The Road Back Home - a Compilation for the Collector or the Newbie"
Magnus Karlsson Section
Last Tribe "Witch Dance"
Midnight Sun Section
The Poodles "Metal will Stand Tall" Spock's Beard Section
Neal Morse "Testimony"
TFK weirdo Section
OSI "Free"
saluto al suono delle vite section
David Gilmour "On an Island"
Roy Harper "Stormcock"
Illusion "Out of the Mist" + "Illusion"
Francis Dunnery section addition
King's X section addition
Various Artists "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey"、"In from the Storm"
Snowy White section addition
Nic Potter "New Europe - Rainbow Colours"
The Flower Kings section addition
Pain of Salvation "Remedy Lane"
saluto al suono delle vite section
Demon "British Standard Approved"
Etna "Etna"
Fleetwood Mac "The Pious Bird of Good Omen"
Food for Thoughts、Candy for Ears始めてみた。
Adam & Eve 訳詞
Francis Dunnery section addition
"Tall Blonde Helicopter"、"Let's Go Do What Happens"
Jack Bruce section addition
Various Artists "Legend of a Mind the Underground Anthology"
King's X section addition
Platypus "Ice Cylces"
The Jelly Jam "The Jelly Jam"
Jughead "Jughead"
no-man section addition
"Dry Cleaning Ray"、"Carolina Skeletons"、"Speak"、"Returning Jesus"、"All That You Are"
Various Artists "The Sky Goes All the Way Home"
Reeves Gabrels section addition
"Ulysses (Della Notte) "
Mike Rutherford section addition
Mike + the Mechanics "Beggar on a Beach of Gold"
Snowy White section addition
Snowy White and the White Flames "Melting"、"Keep Out - We are Toxic"
Squonk Opera section addition
The Flower Kings section addition
In the Labyrinth "The Garden of Mysteries"、"Dryad"
Kaipa "Keyholder"、"Mindrevolutions"
saluto al suono delle vite section
Atoll "Tertio"
The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour"
Campo Di Marte "Campo di Marte"
Live Section Addition
Americas Weirdo
Rush "R30 39 th Anniversary World Tour", "Replay X3"
Francis Dunnery Section Added
"Welcome to the Wild Country", "Fearless"
Jack Bruce Section Addition
Leslie West "Theme"
King's X Section Addition
"Black like Sunday"
no-man Section Added
no-man "Loveblows & Lovecries a Confession", "Flowermouth", "Heaven Taste", "Flowermix", "Housewives Hooked on Heroin", "Wild Opera"
Henry Fool "Henry Fool"
Tim Bowness "My Hotel Year"
Saro Cosentino "Ones and Zeros"
Alice "Viaggio in Italia"
Reeves Gabrels Section Added
David Tronzo / Reeves Gabrels "Night in Amnesia"
Reeves Gabrels "The Sacred Squall of Now"
Mike Rutherford Section Added
Mike Rutherford "Smallcreep's Day", "Acting Very Strange"
Mike + the Mechanics "Mike + the Mechanics", "Living Years", "Word of Mouth"
Snowy White Section Addition
Snowy White and the White Flames "No Faith Required"
Richard Wright "Wet Dream"
Squonk Opera Section Added
"Howandever", "Ha Ha Tali"
The Flower Kings Section Addition
Hakan Almkvist
Ensemble Nimbus "Key Figures"
Tween Deck 2 "Tween Deck 2"
Par Lindh
Par Lindh Project "Gothic Impressions", "Mundus Incompertus"
Par Lindh Bjorn Johansson "Bilbo Music Inspired by J.R.R.Tolkiens "The Hobbit"", "Dreamsongs from Middle Earth Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien"
Pain of Salvation "The Perfect Element Part 1"
The Flower Kings related works added
TFK Hardo
Bad Habit "Adult Orientatin"、"[hear-say]"
TFK Weirdo
Jonas Hellborg selected other works
John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu "Adventures in Radioland"
RAF "Ode to a Tractor"
TFK Impro
UMO Jazz Orchestra "UMO Jazz Orchestra"
TFK Sympho
Kino "Picture"
Live section added
American Hardo
Tommy Bolin The Energy "Radio Broadcasts"、"Energy"
King's X added
Please Come Home... Mr.Bulbous, Manic Moonlight
Platypus "When Pus Comes to Shove"
The Flower Kings related works added
Kaipa "Notes from the Past"
Mats Oberg & G.U.B.B. "Valling & Fotogen [Gruel & Kerosene]"
Neal Morse "Neal Morse"
Steve Lawson Theo Travis "For the Love of Open Spaces"
Live section added
Americas Hardo
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Live in Hyde Park"
Jimi Hendrix "LA Forum 26th April 1969"
Americas Impro
Miles Davies "At Fillmore" "Live-Evil"
Americas Weirdo
Dream Theater "Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96"
Frank Zappa "Make a Jazz Noise Here"
Spock's Beard "Gluttons for Punishment Live in 05"
British Hardo
Black Sabbath "Reunion"
Deep Purple "Total Abandon Live in Australia '99"
Gillan "Live at BBC 79/80"
Queen + Paul Rodgers "Return of the Champions"
Gary Moore "Out in the Fields - the Very Best of Gary Moore"
The Who "Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970"
Juda Priest "Meltdown '98 Live"
Halford "Live in Insurrection"
British Impro
Soft Machine "BBC Radio 1967-1971" "BBC Radio 1971-1974" "Somewehre in Soho" "Breda Reactor"
Soft Machine Legacy "Live at the New Morning"
British Others
John Martyn "Live at Leeds and More"
Seal "Live in Paris"
British Weirdo
Brand X "The X Files A 20 Year Retrospective" "Timeline"
Fish "For whom the Bells Toll! Edinburgh Playhouse New Years Eve '91"
Asia "The Official Bootleg Live in Osaka Japan June 1992"
Euro Hungary
After Crying "Elso Evtized"
Others Japan
Stomu Yamashta's Go "Live from Paris"
Scandinavia Hardo
Ritual "Live"

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