Theme's itstory 04

M.E. Live Section addition
American Hardo
Aerosmith "Live Bootleg"
Cheap Trick "Budokan II"
Grand Funk "Live Album"
Journey "Captured"
American Weirdo
Dream Theater "Once in a Livetime" "Official Bootleg Tokyo, Japan 10/28/95"
Mastermind "Live in Tokyo"
Rush "All the World's a Stage"
American Impro
Miles Davies "Agharta"
Return to Forever "Live the Complete Concert"
British Hardo
Big Bertha "Live in Humburg, December 3rd, 1970"
The Company of Snakes "Here They Go Again"
Crawler "Concert Classics Volume 10"
Cream "BBC Sessions"
Eric Clapton "Just One Night"
Ian Gillan Band "Live at the Budokan"
Gillan "The Friday Rock Show Sessions Live at Reading '80"
Family "BBC Archives The Peel Sessions" Roger Chapman and the Shortlist "He was... She was... You was... We Was"
Foreigner "Classic Hits Live"
Humble Pie "Performance Rockin' the Fillmore"
Steve Marriott and the Official Receivers
Little Angels "Live at Hammersmith"
Rolling Stones "Stripped"
SAS Band "The Show"
Thin Lizzy "BBC Radio One Live in Concert"
Thunder "They Think It's All Acoustic... It is Now"
UFO "Werewolves of London"
British Weirdo
Arena "Welcome to the Stage"
Curved Air "Live"
Camel "A Live Record" "On the Road 1981"
Caravan "Live at the Fairfield Halls, 1974" "BBC Radio One Live in Concert"
Greenslade "Live"
ELP "Live at the Albert Hall" "Emerson Lake & Palmer"
The Nice "America BBC Sessions"
Gentle Giant "Out of the Fire the BBC Concerts" "Totally Out of the Woods the BBC Sessions"
Jethro Tull "The Friday Rock Sessions Live at Hammersmith"
Projeckt One "Live at the Jazz Cafe, London, December 1-4, 1997"
Projeckt Two "Live Groove"
Marillion "Live in Caracas" "Unplugged at the Walls" "Front Row Club 1" "Front Row Club 2" "Front Row Club 3" "Front Row Club 4" "Front Row Club 5"
Fish "Uncle Fish and the Crypt Creepers" "Fish Head Curry" "Sashimi"
Pallas "The Blinding Darkness"
Slapp Happy "Live in Japan"
Yes "Beyond and Before"
British Impro
Bruford "Bruford Tapes"
Soft Machine "Noisette"
British Others
All about Eve "Live & Electric at Union Chapel"
Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band "The Anthology So Far"
Euro Weirdo
Joachim Kuhn & Jan Akkerman "Kiel/Stuttggart Live! Duo in Concert Santa Barbara"
Kayak "Chance for a Livetime"
Balletto di Bronzo "Trys"
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso "En Concierto May, 1999 Mexico City"
Scandinavia Weirdo
Anglagard "Buried Alive"
The Flower Kings "Betcha Wanna Dance Stoopid!!"
Progday '98
Progfest '95
M.E. Section Jack Bruce Pt.2 addition
Neil Ardley, Ian Carr and Don Rendell "Greek Variations & Other Aegean Exercises"
Leslie Mandoki and Friends "People"
Music Extravaganza uploaded
Music Contents including discography of Jack Bruce and the Flower Kings, of Theme's Park moved to M.E.
1st upload of M.E. contains
American Hard
Aerosmith "Classic Live!"
Bon Jovi "Crush+Live from Osaka"
Cheap Trick "At Budokan"
Alice Cooper "Warner Bros. Presents Alice Cooper in Alice Cooper Show
Dio "Inferno Last in Live"
Gamma "Concert Classics" Gov't Mule "Live... with a Help from Our Friends Collector's Edtion"
Great White "Recovery: Live! (JPN Edition)" "Live in London" "Live in New York" "Anaheim Live" "Stages" "Great Zeppelin a Tribute to Led Zeppelin"
Heart "Red House"
Kiss "MTV Unplugged"
Mr.Big "Live! Raw like Sushi" "Japandemonium" "[V] at the Hard Rock Live"
Riot "Shine On"
Rough Cutt "Live"
Santana "Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live!"
Stryper "7 Weeks: Live in America 2003"
Talas "If We Only Knew then What We Know Now..."
Toto "Absolutely Live"
Pat Travers "The Pat Travers Band BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert"
Triumph "Stages" "King Biscuit Flower Hours Presents Triumph in Concert"
Westworld "Live... in the Flesh"
American Progressive a/k/a Weirdo
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade "Live Frog Set1" "Live Frog Set2"
Discipline "The Orion Studios Live Series Vol.2 Live into the Dream..."
Djam Karet "Live at Orion"
Dream Theater "A Change of Seasons" "International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1998 Once in a Livetime Outtakes" "Live Scene from New York" "Official Bootleg Los Angels, California 5/18/98"
Kevin Gilbert and Thud "Live at the Troubadour"
Gongzilla "Live"
Guitar Oblique "GTR OBLQ"
Happy the Man "Live" Iluvatar "Sideshow"
Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins "Dancing with Myself Live and Acoustic at the baked Potato"
Ozone Quartet "Live at Local 506"
Planet X "Live from Oz"
Queensryche "Operation:LIVECrime" "Live Evolution"
Rush "A Show of Hands" "Rush in Rio"
Spock's Beard "The Official Live Bootleg" "Live at the Whisky and NearFest"
Streets "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Streets"
TransAtlantic "Live in America" "Live in Europe"
American Jazz a/k/a Impro
Stanley Clarke "Live 1976-1977"
Billy Cobham "Live Flight Time"
Larry Coryell "At the Village Gate"
Cosmosquad "Live at the Baked Potato"
Joe Deninzon & Stratospeerius "Live Wires"
Michael Mantler "Live"
Medeski Martin & Wood "Tonic"
OHM "Live on KFFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radio"
Jaco Pastorius Big Band "Twins I&II Live in Japan 1982"
American Others
Carole King "The Carnegie Hall Concert, June 18, 1971"
Alanis Morissette "MTV Unplugged"
Yellow Matter Custard "One Night in New York City"
British Hard
Ginger Baker's African Force "Palanquin's Pole" Bedlam "Live in London 1973"
Maggie Bell "Live at the Rainbow 1974"
Black Sabbath "Live Evil" "Cross Purpose Live" Jack Bruce "Cities of the Heart" "Doing This... on Ice!" "The Jack Bruce Band Live '75"
Eric Clapton "Crossroads 2 (Live in Seventies)"
Deep Purple "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Deep Purple in Concert" "Live at California Jam" "In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra" "Live in Denmark '72"
Derek and the Dominos "Live at the Fillmore"
Diamond Head "Evil Live Live at the National Bowl 1993"
Family "Live"
Gillan "The Friday Rock Show Session Live at Reading '80"
Ken Hesley "More than Conquerors"
Glenn Hughes "Soulfully Live in the City of Angels"
Led Zeppelin "How the West was Won"
Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott "Live in Sweden 1983"
Magnum "The River Session"
Gary Moore "Live at Monsters of Rock"
Ozzy Osbourne "Live & Loud"
Pretty Things "Resurrection Died 1968 Born 1998 at Abbey Road"
Queen "Live Killers"
Stone the Crows "Live in Montreux '72"
Stud "Goodbye Live at Command"
Pete Townshend "Deep End Live!" "Live for Benefit for Maryville Academy House of Blues Chicago"
Threashold "Livedelica" "Critical Eneregy"
Tygers of Pang Tang "Live at Nottingham Rock City"
Uriah Heep "Live in the USA" The Who "BBC Sessions" "Live at Leeds Deluxe Edition" "The Young Vic Live" "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"
Widowmaker "Live at Paris Theatre, London 1976"
The Yardbirds "Five Live Yardbirds"
British Progressive
21st Century Schizoid Band "Official Bootleg Volume One" "Live in Japan" "Live in Italy" 801 "Live"
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe "An Evening of Yes Music Plus..."
Atomic Rooster "BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert"
Barclay James Harvest "Live Tapes" "BBC in Concert with the Barclay James Harvest Symphony Orchestra"
Colin Bass "Live at Polskie Radio 3" "Live Vol.2 Acoustic Songs" Gary Brooker Ensemble with Choir & String Quartet "Within Our House Recorded Live at St.Mary and All Saints Church"
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities "B.L.U.E Nights Live" Camel "Never Let Go" "On the Road 1982" "Coming of Age" "Gods of Light Camel '73-'75" "The Paris Collection"
Caravan "Canterbury Comes to Lonson (Live from Astoria)" "Caravan & the New Symphonia" "With Strings Attached Live in Quebec 2002 the Official Bootleg" "Unauthorised Breakfast Item Special Edtion"
Colosseum "Live the Reunion Concerts 1994"
Curved Air "Live at the BBC"
Francis Dunnery "One Night in Sauchiehall Street" "Hometown 2001"
Emerson Lake & Palmer "Welcome Back My Friends, to the Show that never Ends - Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson Lake&Palmer" "Then & Now"
Emerson Lake & Powell "Liev in Concert an Official Bootleg"
Guy Evans & Peter Hamill "The Union Chapel Concert" Fish "Derek Dick & His Amazing Electric Bear Haddington Corn Exchange 3.11.91 1st Company Convention"
Robert Fripp & the League of Crafty Guitarists "Intergalactic Boogie Express-Live in Europe 1991"
Genesis "Live" "Live the Way We Walk Volume One:the Short"
Gentle Giant "The Official Live Playing Fool" "In Concert" "The Last Steps Live 1980"
Gnidrolog "Live 1972"
Gordon Giltrap Band "The Band Live 1981"
Greenslade "The Full Edition Liev 2001"
GTR "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents GTR"
Steve Hackett "Live Archive 70,80,90's" "Feedback '86+Live 90's" "Live Archive NearFest" "Live Archive 03"
Peter Hammill & the K Group "The Margin +"
Hawkwind "The 1999 Party Live at the Chicago Auditorium March 21,1974"
Iona "Live Heaven's Bright Sun" "With All Souls Orchestra Woven Cord"
Jethro Tull "Live Bursting Out" "A Little Light Music" "In Concert"
King Crimson "Earthbound" "The Great Deceiver Live 1973-1974" "Heavy ConstruKction" "USA"
Greg Lake "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Greg Lake in Concert"
Tony Levin Band "Double Expresso"
Marillion "Made Again" "Real to Reel/Brief Encounter" " Anorak in the UK Live" "Brave Live 2002"
Matching Mole "BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert" "March"
Mirage "Live 14.12.94"
Nektar "Sunday Night at London Roundhouse Nektar Live" "Live in New York" "More Live in New York"
The Nice "The Swedish Radio Sessions"
Ozric Tentacles "Liev Underslunky"
Alan Parsons "The Very Best Live"
Procol Harum "Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Da Camera Singers"
ProjeKct One "Live at the Jazz Cafe, London, December 1-4,1997"
Trevor Rabin "Live in LA"
Renaissance "BBC Sessions" "Day of the Dreamer" "In the Land of the Rising Sun Live in Japan 2001"
Sylvian/Fripp "Damage"
UK "Live! Night After Night"
John Wetton "Nomandsland Live in Poland" "Live at the Sun Plaza Tokyo 1999" "Live at XM Satellite Radio Performance Studio One" "Liev in Argentina" "Live in the Underground" John Wetton & Ken Hensley "One Way or Another"
Van Der Graaf Generator "Vital Van Der Graaf Live"
Yes "Keys to Ascension Recorded Live at SLO 1996" "Keys to Ascension2"
British Impro
Back Door "The Human Bed"
Bill Bruford's Earthworks "Footloose and Fancy Free" "Random Acts of Happiness"
Elton Dean's Ninesence "Live at the BBC"
Hugh Hopper Band "Alive"
In Cahoots "Live 1986-1989"
Nucleus "Live in Bremen" "The Pretty Redhead"
Soft Machine "Live in France" "Facelift"
Pete York "Steaming"
Charlie Watts Orchestra "Live Fullham Town Hall"
British Others
All about Eve "Fairy Light Nights-Live Acoustic" "Fairly Light Nights2-Live Acoustic"
Auto Da Fe "Songs for Echo"
David Bowie "Bowie at the Beeb the Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72" "BBC Radio Theatre London June 27, 2000"
Celtus "Live 2000"
Coldplay "Live 2003"
Fleetwood Mac "The Dance"
Mark-Almond "73"
Paul McCartney "Unplugged the Official Bootleg" "Back in the US Live 2002"
Mice "Mark Radcliffe Radio 1 Session"
Roxy Music "Viva! Roxy Music the Live Roxy Music Album"
Polysoft "Tribute to Soft Machine Live at Le Triton 2002"
Zao "Live! Recorded Live in December 5th,1976"
Anyone's Daughter "Requested Document Live 1980-1983"
Focus "At the Rainbow" "Live at the BBC"
Flairck "Live in Amsterdam"
Campo di Marte "Concert Zero Live 1

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